Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just plain wrong.

I feel sorry for their children:

Couple awarded $21 million in Florida 'wrongful birth' case

TAMPA, Florida (AP) -- In what is being called a "wrongful birth" case, a jury awarded more than $21 million Monday to a couple who claimed a doctor misdiagnosed a severe birth defect in their son, leading them to have a second child with similar problems.


The couple claimed that Dr. Boris Kousseff failed to diagnose their first son's genetic disorder, called Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, which is the inability to correctly produce or synthesize cholesterol, after his 2002 birth.

Had the disorder been correctly diagnosed, a test would have indicated whether the couple's second child also was afflicted and they would have terminated the pregnancy, according to the lawsuit.

I'm so livid about this that, English major though I may be, I have almost no words, and the few that I do have are distinctly uncharitable, so I will leave them un-typed for now. But, I know that you who read this will have the brains and the soul to figure out what is wrong with this picture.

And now we know why it's so tough to be an OB/GYN these days. Or a child, for that matter.

This story also appears on LifeSite News.

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