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Homes for Unwed mothers.

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Homes like the Paul Stefan home, covered in this Catholic Herald article provide a vital service to young women and girls who wish to carry a pregnancy to term, but have nowhere to do so. Many are faced with the ugly sensation of having no choice but to get an abortion. Fortunately, they do not have to do that.

Women who are kicked out by their parents, boyfriends, husbands, or others who ought to be helping them can find the support they need to carry their pregnancies to term in these shelters for pregnant mothers. Also known as "maternity homes" or "pregnancy shelters",  such places offer a haven for women who are facing a crisis pregnancy alone. Some serve adults, while others provide shelter exclusively for teens. Very often, the best place to go for information about such homes is your local crisis pregnancy center.

Outside of the maternity homes, there are many people dedicated to helping women facing unplanned "crisis" pregnancies. Some belong to volunteer organizations. Others are religous organizations, such as the Sisters of Life, an order of Catholic nuns who dedicate their entire lives to helping pregnant women and their unborn children. Their website offers a phone number for women who need them to call.

Such support is central to creating a society in which women and their children can fully participate. If a woman's unplanned pregnancy is a "crisis", clearly it is because her needs as a mother are not being met in some way. Maternity homes and pregnancy counseling centers exist because many of us believe that it would be a terrible injustice to allow that lack of support to continue. Pregnancy centers and maternity homes provide the support women need to give birth to their babies and often point them to the resources they need to support their children themselves or place them for adoption, depending upon which they choose.

Examples of homes for unwed mothers:
(Listed in order by State)

There are many shelters not included in the list above. To find help in your area, try one or all of the following directories:

A State-by-State list of maternity homes.

Another directory of pregnancy centers  and shelters for all 50 US states.

Hidden Choices  Directory (Click on the map to find help)

More Pregnancy Centers in all 50 States.

More US Pregnancy help:
(Not an exhaustive list. For specific locations not listed here, see directory links above, or consult your local phone book under "abortion alternatives" or a similar heading)

Pregnancy Care Centers in Canada

Unsure? Looking for information?

Safe Havens for Newborns:

If you are about to give birth or have recently given birth to a child that you are unable to care for, know that all 50 US States have Safe Haven laws. These laws allow women who face this situation to place their child in the care of health care or other emergency workers, no questions asked, without prosecution. These laws exist to protect both the mothers and the infants.

For help after an abortion, here is a list of resources.
For legal help for women harmed by abortion, click here for a list of resources.

Also, see the list of links for pregnancy and post-abortion help in the "Pregnant? Need Help?" tab at the top of this page.

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Chandra McFarlen said...

Thank you for listing Christian Homes as a home for unwed mothers. Can you please update the name to Christian Homes & Family Services (Abilene & Tyler, Texas) and update the link to:

Thank you so much!
Christian Homes Website Admin

Chandra McFarlen said...

Thank you for listing Christian Homes as a home for unwed mothers. Can you please update our name to Christian Homes & Family Services (Abilene and Tyler, Texas)? Can you also please update the link to:

Thanks so much!
Christian Homes & Family Services Web Admin

Dawn Lochridge said...

I am looking into starating a home in our large home in yakima. (Similar to the one I was at in Port Angela's when I was 17) It is no longer there.I can't locate Steve and Vicki. Where would you recommend I'd start with this whole process in baby steps?

Christina said...

As a first step, it could be worthwhile to contact a few existing maternity homes, and seek advice from them. Some have been around for a long time, and have a lot of experience.