Friday, March 9, 2007

"The Pornification of the Culture"

That was the topic of Laura Ingraham's radio show today. She covered several relevant issues, including the distribution of porn on the internet, and on cell phones (where teens and young adults often have easy access to it), pole dancing and strip teasing classes being offered to women who want "exercise" and a way to spice up their marriages (as if sexual objectification is a valid reason for marriage), "hookups" and drunken orgies among high school and college students, immodest clothing in stores for girls as young as four or five (to which I briefly alluded in my last post.)

Young girls are learning from the culture, and sometimes even from the behavior of their parents, that boys don't want girls who don't look good, and as a Washington Post article points out, "looking good" and "looking sexy" have become synonymous for girls and women in the present culture.

Which means married people are buying into the lie that marriage means a lifelong entitlement to sexually objectify one's spouse, and not a mutual relationship of love and self-giving.

It means some mothers are starting to think it's cute to dress their little girls in sexualized clothing, so they can look like mommy (and some dads are either nowhere to be found, or otherwise unwilling or unable to do anything about it.)

It means little girls who want to look pretty are starting to go for the low-cut tops, the short skirts, the tiny bikinis, and the thong underwear.

It means their friends and their older brothers and sisters in high school and college are talking to them about parties and hookups, and their parents may or may not be.

It means websites and magazines directed at teens and twenty somethings (which middle school kids are often allowed to read) contain more tips on attracting male attention and making oneself as sexually desirable both in and out of bed as possible.

It means people publicly talking about places (some of which are fairly public) in which they like to have sex, to make things more exciting.

And then we discover that 12 year olds (who often have an exaggerated impression of their own maturity and want to act like high school and college-age people) had a 30 second sexual encounter openly in a classroom while other students watch, and keep a lookout for the teacher.

This cultural excrement was bound to have an effect sooner or later. Looks like it's happening sooner.

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Tito said...

It's only going to get worse.