Thursday, March 15, 2007

Migraines: Another reason to consider NFP...

Those of us who have migraine headaches already know we hate them.

The British Medical Journal says they also double our risk of stroke.


And if your migraines come with an aura it gets even better:

Those with migraine with aura were at even greater risk than those with migraine without aura. Finally, migraineurs who used oral contraceptives were eight times more likely to have a stroke than those not using these agents.

Oh, and if you smoke while on the pill, the risk is even higher.

Now I know some of you think you just can't live without your birth control pills. But is it really worth that kind of risk?

Something to think about.

Symptothermal Natural Family Planning is one of the few methods whose success rates compare to the Pill.

Just a thought.


Ladies, if you think your migraines may be connected to PMS, charting methods associated with natural family planning can help you determine if this is true. With the help of a doctor familiar with your method, you might even be able to do something about it without the use of synthetic hormones.  This is especially the case for those of you using the Creighton Model Fertility Care System, especially if you have access to a doctor familiar with NaProTechnology.  See the "Natural Family Planning" and "Infertility Support" tabs for links to more information.

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