Saturday, February 24, 2007

Symptothermal NFP as good as the Pill.

This is nothing new for some of us, but MSNBC and other secular news and science sources were unexpectedly surprised to find how few unexpected surprises came up in this latest German study of they Symptothermal method of Natural Family Planning, which tracks a woman's fertility through measurement of her basal body temperature and observations of cervical mucous. Before this study was published, many of us who already use NFP methods were aware of its effectiveness, as well as other advantages.

Here's a 'told you so' moment, if ever there was one.

So, if you avoid artificial birth control for religious reasons, medical reasons, or if you are just a fan of natural, organic living, here's some good (albeit slightly old) news!

If you happen to be interested in methods Natural Family Planning, here is a short list of links:



The Pertinacious Papist has some highly appropriate things to say on this matter.

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