Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2008 Presidential Rat Race--trouble in Hollywood

Well, well, well.

Apparently the Hollywood libs don't all think alike.

Some of them are supporting Obama. Even one in particular who used to support the Clintons.

And the Clintons are not happy about it. There are words being put in people's mouths, allegiances shifting, and thinly veiled threats and ugly phone calls being made.

I especially love this little gem:

Her campaign chairman, Terry McAuliffe, recently warned donors that Clinton would remember those who did not back her.

"You are either with us or you're against us," McAuliffe told potential donors during a dinner at Saban's house.

Terry, what's she going to do? Boycott their movies? Bring back censorship? Jail them? Or does she have friends in shadowy underground places?

Remember, these people want to be the leaders of the free world.

This could get interesting. I'd grab some popcorn, sit back and laugh, if the future of my country weren't at stake here.

But at least there's some comic relief along the way.

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