Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sex educators, listen up! A student speaks out!

And she does it pretty well.

Many present day parents, teachers, and other authority figures in the lives of children are so anti-authority, that they are afraid of exercising any kind of influence over younger generations to encourage them to avoid stupid mistakes.

Or they assume stupid mistakes are inevitable, and use that as a cop-out to justify their fear of acting like grown-ups.

Or maybe they only look like grown-ups but haven't matured to the point where they understand that there even is such a thing as a stupid mistakes.

One of many areas in which the effects of this trend can be seen is in Sex Education.

This article, written by a young woman at LSU, is a worthwhile read from a new adult on the mixed messages being sent by people who are too frightened of themselves to protect the young people in their care.

Hat tip: Alive and Young

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