Friday, February 23, 2007

A foul wind blows? Blame it on the dog--or the cat!

Australians concerned about biological methane emissions from family or pets can now take care of the problem, allegedly saving the environment, but not their noses.

Who knew cat flatulence was such a hazard?

IF you own a cat, you know the smelly truth: they break wind and it's foul. Not only that, it harms the planet.

All forms of flatulence – from cats, dogs, even from Dad – contain methane, a greenhouse gas thought to contribute to climate change.

If you've been feeling guilty about it, help is at hand. For just $8, a Sydney-based company, Easy Being Green, can now make your cat carbon-neutral, so it can "live guilt-free for a year".

Make no mistake, the cat will still smell, and its emissions will still contain methane, but Easy Being Green vows to spend the $8 you give them on products, such as energy saving light bulbs and water-saving shower heads, that reduce emissions elsewhere (if not in your own backyard).

The scheme can be applied to any product, animal or person. For $20, the company made Jenny Cracknell into a "carbon-neutral granny" last year. Her daughter, Emily, gave her a gift certificate to offset two years' worth of flatulence.

"I don't like to brag, but I actually don't have much flatulence," Mrs Cracknell said.

"But when I do, I feel okay about it, because the damage to the planet has been offset."

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