Sunday, March 18, 2007

What does an unborn child look like?

Here are some pictures of human fetal development from six weeks all the way up through the end of the first trimester. This stuff is pretty fascinating. It's amazing how much is there so early. A baby hits so many milestones while it is in the womb. For a more details on each stage of development, click on each picture.

Eight Weeks: Fingers, all vital organs present

Ten Weeks: Red blood cells present. Can make a fist with hands.

Twelve Weeks: Organs, face more developed. Pain receptors developed. Heartbeat stronger.

Fourteen Weeks: 3-4 inches long. Liver and Pancreas functioning. Sucking movements.

For weeks 16-38, click here.

The Mayo Clinic website has a fetal ultrasound slideshow that uses real ultrasound images beginning at eleven weeks of pregnancy. Though not as clear as the photographs above, ultrasound images still allow pregnant women and their doctors to see the baby pretty well. In one of the Mayo Clinic images, the baby's heart is visible. Other slides show the baby's limbs, bones, brain, and, of course, his/her profile.

This Mayo Clinic page gives brief week-by-week  descriptions of each stage of fetal development, with illustrations.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need assistance, I have posted a list of resources here. You can also scroll through the lists at the left to find additional links.

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