Saturday, December 15, 2007

Belated Post: The rising cost of higher education...

I saved this post for publication a few days before I was admitted to the hospital for appendicitis. That was about three months ago now. I never got around to making my final edits and hitting the "Publish" button. Whoops. :) It's all done now:


The rising cost of higher education apparently includes stupid behavior.

To women seeking higher education:

College is meant for education. While it's a bit silly (o.k. VERY silly) to go just to find a husband, at least it isn't completely illogical and counterproductive. College education can and often does come in handy when one is a wife and mother.

However, there is no point in going if all you are going to do while you are there is turn yourself into a mindless sex object for some guy(s). There is no use improving your brain if you don't plan to use it.

Speaking of brains, for those of you who think you have to be "doing it" along with all of the other college lemmings, here's something to put in your bong and smoke while you still have parts of your brain left:

It is possible to live without sex. It is impossible to get pregnant if you aren't having any. Think about that before you start whining to your university about how much your birth control costs. What's next? Asking the university to provide beer and pot money?

Rats, I'm probably giving someone ideas.

Your college budget would be better spent on a class in accounting or economics.

*End rant.*

Hat tip: Catholic Mom.

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