Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Doctors have a "license to lie"?

Doctors who can't be honest with their patients have no business practicing medicine. Period.

How could he possibly assert that informed patients make it less necessary for Doctors to lie? Or does he mean that the media outlets he names are doing the lying for them by passing along skewed information?

For more on Alberto Hodari's history as an abortionist, see this story about a 15-year-old statutory rape victim who died after he performed a third trimester abortion on her. Here is a list, complete with citations of public records, of what happened to some of his other patients. Also, see Christina Dunigan's many posts over at the Real Choice blog. This man is not someone who should be held up as a professional standard of any kind, even by Medical Students for 'Choice'.

Nods: Dawn Eden, Christina Dunigan

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