Sunday, February 13, 2011

A tip for job seekers:

Hello, ladies! (Men, be advised that reading this post further is optional for you.)  Welcome to today's fashion rant.  The topic:  What not to "wear to work"


These little numbers from the Chartlotte Russe Website show up in their "wear to work" section.  In fairness, I will say that most of the items they list could be appropriate for an office setting (Blazers, pants, pencil skirts, ruffled tops, etc.) A sweater or jacket would be essential with the sleeveless tops, and the pencil skirts are a tad short (just above the knee, rather than just below).  Then there are things like these:

Either the Charlotte Russe folks expect some of their clients to be...*ahem*... working outdoors, or they are completely clueless about appropriate office wear.

If you don't want it ogled or fired, keep it covered.

If you want to know what is appropriate "business casual" or "business formal" attire, there are many websites out there with detailed information.

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