Monday, June 25, 2007

Important news for fiscal hostages of the NEA

I have posted before about what I think of how the NEA and its various tentacles and minions operate.

The original point of unions was for workers to be protected against abuse and exploitation from their employers. It's a sad day when we satart needing protection from our unions. In California, a ballot measure which could have protected union members from having their pockets picked for political gain was defeated by voters, much to the disappointment of those of us who wanted our dues to be kept out of NEA lobbying in favor of things like abortion.

NEA lobbied heavily abainst this legislation, arguing that it would deprive them of much needed funds (which they assumed they had a righ to) the fact of the matter is this: if the members of NEA and its state affiliates, such as the CTA were as universal in their political opinions as they would have voters believe, they would have nothing to fear from a ballot measure which would rewquire them to seek permission from members to use their dues for political purposes. As it is, California teachers must approach their union reps and request in writing that their dues be diverted to another purpose, opening them up to retaliation in the workplace.

While it's a sad state of affairs when workers won't even protect themselves, their kids, or their kids' teachers through the democratic process, it's an even sadder one when the situation is so dire that a lone brave teacher needs to bring the courts in to protect her right to her conscience.

In Ohio, however, a teacher has done just that won an important victory for those of us who disagree with the political stances of the teacher's unions, and who have always wished to withhold our dues money, especially those of us from whose paychecks said dues are deducted automatically, with our without our approval.


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