Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kids' Maine source for birth control pills.

It's official! The Portland, Maine middle school I posted about earlier approved the plan to provide birth control (including "the pill" and condoms" to 6-8th grade students, with or without parental knowledge or consent.

I posted on this story yesterday. Click here to read my post, and my opinion of just how irresponsible this decision is.

Modern Commentaries also has a post on this today, examining ways in which this erodes parents' ability to responsibly raise their children.

Even Bill O'Reilly covered this on his show this evening.

Click here to read about the hazards of birth control pill use.

Update: Read what Catholic Mom posts on this issue from her perspective as a medical doctor and a mom. You don't need an M.D. to see that she makes good sense, though. Parents, you do not have to take this lying down! Really!
Update 2: The Guttmacher Institute, the research tentacle of Planned Parenthood, inadvertently demonstrates that easier access to birth control does not reduce unplanned pregnancies or abortion rates, contrary to what many who support policies like that just adopted at the Maine middle school would have us believe. Via Jeff Miller.

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