Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 Presidential Rat Race: A review.

Last spring I posted information on candidates' positions on non-negotiables. I re-post a shortened version of that chart featuring the current pool of major candidates, and the addition of one minor candidate.




Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Same-Sex Marriage

Hillary Clinton



Voted against constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. Supports gay domestic partnership benefits.

Mike Huckabee

Moderately pro-life. Supports abortion when the life of the mother is endangered. Opposes public funding for abortions organizations that advocate or perform abortions. Source

Opposes, accepts campain funds from stems cell researchers

Opposes same-sex marriage. Says we should “support gay couples”

John McCain

Moderately Pro-Life. 75% rating from NRLC.

Supports on existing lines, opposes on new.

Supports civil unions, opposes gay marriage.

Barack Obama

Pro-Choice. 100% ratings from Planned Parenthood and NARAL


Opposes gay marriage, supports civil unions.

Ron Paul

Mostly Pro-Life. Voted to oppose parental consent law.

Opposes expansion

Supports Civil Unions

Mitt Romney

Pro-abortion as Mass. Governor. Flipped to Pro-life when running for President.

Vetoed a Mass. Stem cell research bill.

Supports domestic partnerships, opposes marriage and civil unions. Supports homosexual adoption.

Alan Keys
Pro-life. Opposes Roe. Supports Human life Amendment to constitution. Opposes Euthanasia.

From Campaign Website:
"No medical advance, and certainly no material profit, justifies denying the claim to humanity of the embryonic human person."
"The effort to equate homosexual and lesbian relations with legal marriage represents a destructive assault on the heterosexual, marriage-based family"

The information here was taken from and the Alan Keys campaign website.
Their source references are duplicated here, where possible. Such sources include public statements by candidates, satisfaction ratings from organizations, and public voting records. They also link to candidate websites.


National Right to Life has a table with more specific information on the candidates' stands on pro-life issues, including parental consent laws, public funding, etc. Click here to see this. (PDF file. You will need Acrobat Reader).

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