Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fighting carelessness with stupidity

A proposed law in Mississippi would forbid restaurants from serving obese persons.

The trouble with this bill it assumes restaurants are the problem, and gives little credit to the eater for her choices and habits. It is possible to go out to eat, and still eat healthy. It is possible to eat at home all the time, and eat nothing but junk. Both phenomena occur daily across this fruited plain of ours. (Uh-oh, better hide the fruit, someone might make a dessert out of it!)

Modern Commentaries says all that really needs to be said on the matter.

I particularly enjoy the reaction of one of Amy's commenters, who says of the bill's sponsor:

I wonder when he's going to sponsor a bill forbidding bars to serve alcoholics (wouldn't that close down every Amvets and VFW in the country!), forbidding casinos to allow gambling addicts in, and forbidding stupid people from becoming politicians.

Government officials are perhaps the best illustration of the fact that legislation is not an antidote to foolishness.

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