Thursday, October 23, 2008

In this week's fashion rant:

Why "new" fashions are marketed to the under 21 crowd:

They can't remember far back enough to know when things are being recycled.

Case in point:

Leg warmers!!!!!!!!!

(These are sold at Rue 21 stores.)

Now, when things came back in fashion that my mother remembered wearing, I thought, OK. I can deal with that, we're about a generation apart.

But leggings and leg warmers? Hold on a second! My high school aged students, who are nowhere near young enough to be my own kids, are wearing things that I remember wearing as a child. What's odd is these are being recycled at the same time as the things my mother (and her age group) remembers wearing in high school.

It's not that I have a problem with retro. I'll wear tunics. I'll wear flared pants. I'll take almost any dress that might have been worn by Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn before 1975. But there are a few things I definitely do not miss: massive shoulder pads, tapered leg relaxed fit jeans (especially the printed ones), leggings, and **shudder** leg warmers.

At least these aren't hot pink.

Can't we have a few more years before the 80's come back?


Bill Cork said...

'80s have been back for a while. I even bought a new "Members Only" jacket last year. They had parachute pants ... I passed on those.

Christina said...

But parachute pants are sooo you, Bill.