Friday, August 12, 2011

Gladiators Clash at the Colosseum

The MSNBC reports that violent turf wars have begun between groups of gladiator impersonators in Rome, leading to an undercover sting operation, arrests, and even---swordfights?

One of the more amusing photos from the arrests is one of a costumed gladiator in a headlock, courtesy of an officer in plain clothes.

If you have been to Rome, you've probably seen these guys hanging about outside the Colosseum, charging tourists absurd amounts of money to pose for pictures. 

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According to the reports, they've been fighting over the most lucrative spots and even intimidating customers. The Telegraph says:
Authorities said the replica gladiators and Roman legionaries came from seven families who jealously guarded their turf, seeing off rivals with verbal threats and, if necessary, physical intimidation.

The undercover operation was launched after police received complaints from bona fide tourist operators about the "gladiators'" abusive behaviour.

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