Monday, August 29, 2011

This Month's Soylent Green Moment

Brought to you by China:

A South Korea investigative news team has produced a documentary reporting that the largest hospital in China is selling human fetuses, placentas, and whole corpses of dead babies to a dietary supplement manufacturer for use in its line of stamina-increasing pills. Witness the following statement taken from a story in the English language China Daily:
The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation in the wake of a media report in South Korea about capsules from China — made from the flesh of dead babies — being used as stamina boosters.
 The story in the China Daily goes on to say that
The "tonic" capsules are mainly sent to South Korea through members of the Korean ethnic group in China.
The ethnic group mainly inhabits Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces.
It was not reported which hospital or city in China the team visited.
Phone calls to Customs in Jilin went unanswered on Tuesday.
The details of the claims made by the South Korean news organization, SBS TV, were provided on the technology news website, Gizmodo. In that piece, it was reported that SBS TV had conducted an undercover investigation into rumors that Chinese supplement companies were making pills out of dead babies purchased from China’s largest medical center. According to the findings released by SBS TV, the pills in question contained “99.7% human stuff.”
As if the story weren’t shocking enough, the documentary goes on to reveal that much of the “material” comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics whose administration employs a “microwave drying process” to manufacture the pill-ready substance.


Ruler tip to: Live Action

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