Monday, November 17, 2008

Does your Senator or Representative Support FOCA?

The so-called "Freedom of Choice Act", which President-Elect Obama promised Planned Parenthood he would sign, is designed to eliminate abortion regulations (such as waiting periods, informed consent, and parental notification/consent) in those states that have them.

Such regulations are designed to protect women. Parental notification and consent laws are particularly important for protecting young girls from older men who use abortion to cover statutory rape.

It has to pass through Congress before Obama can sign it.

Here is a list of Senators and Representatives that are co-sponsors of the bill:

If your senator/representative is on the list, contact him or her to voice your disapproval. If your s/he is not on the list, contact him/her anyway to voice your opposition to the bill.

The text of the bill itself is posted here:

If passed, the language of this bill allows for such laws to be struck down in courts. It would make it illegal for the government to "deny or interfere with a woman's right to choose" an abortion, and allow her to take the state, or any government who "interferes" to court over such regulations as those mentioned above.

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