Thursday, November 13, 2008

Planned Parenthood of Houston Expansion


Planned Parenthood is expanding.
This building could be the largest freestanding abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere.

Demolition has already begun.

The following companies are participating in this project:

Alpha Electric Company
906 W. 19th Street
Houston, Texas 77008
Office 713.802.1166
Fax 713.802.1628
Jimmy Stallones
Bo Parrish

ARC Abatement Demolition Contractors

ARC Abatement, - Houston
6630 Roxburgh Dr, suite 120
Houston TX 77041
713-849-7738 / 800-920-7738 FAX
Jeff Young , General Manager - Houston

General Contractor
Main Office
Meyerson Builders, Inc.
1770 St. James Place, Suite 509
Houston, Texas 77056
Contact Jerry Meyerson
Telephone: 713.355.4443
Fax: 713.961.2830
Central Texas Office
Meyerson Builders, Inc.
P.O. Box 523
Flatonia, Texas 78941
Contact Sandy Meyerson
Telephone: 361.865.3302

If you live in the Houston area or anywhere else where these companies do business, please call or e-mail them and RESPECTFULLY voice your disapproval of their participation in this project. Inform them that you will tell your friends and family, coworkers, and business associates, especially any who may be considering contractors, about this.

Also, there will be prayer vigils outside the general contractor's office. See and/or the Houston Coalition for Life for more info.

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