Sunday, November 2, 2008

The most appropriate ballot box I have seen so far:

In this election, it is important for Americans of all sizes, walks of life, and fur colors to make a statement with their votes.

Not to be outdone by Mickey Mouse, cats at the Capital Area Humane Society of Columbus, OH, with the help of local FM radio station Mix 97.1, are voicing their opinions of this race. In the litterbox.

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The results should be pretty clear here. There will be no pregnant chads, and if anything is left hanging...well, let's not even go there.

It's a close race in the Kitty Caucus, with many news outlets reporting yesterday afternoon that McCain was ahead by one "vote". Our local 10:00 evening news reported last night that Obama had pulled ahead by two.

Hmm. Ahead by two in the number two department.

So many possible jokes. So little time.

The real question here is, if you were running for president, would you really consider it a compliment if you won the Litterbox Poll?

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