Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Don't take the play so serious!"

There are two things you can do when confronted with racial slurs. You can get offended, and try to silence the person using them. Or, you can appropriate them, and turn them into terms of endearment, thereby taking the sting out of the words in question.

Here's a little story about what happened when some people did the latter, but found themselves in a confrontation with someone who did the former.

Who came out looking like the bigger person?


Michelle said...

As a "Mick-Kraut-Chippa-WOP", I find it far more offensive to have people think that I am so thin-skinned as to be offended by a name. The news article might as well say that the school district made the restaurant "an offer they couldn't refuse".

Christina said...

Yes, when one's heritage is multi-ethnic, one has so many more opportunities to see how stupid racial slurs are. :) We simply don't have time to be offended by them.