Monday, May 7, 2007

With wedding season warming up:

One of our friends gave us this as a wedding gift. We keep it on our coffee table:

Married Saints by John F. Fink.

The Publisher description is as follows:

Most of the saints in heaven were married during their lives on earth; most of the canonized saints were not. While this book cannot change this fact, it does bring to the attention of the world many of those who were. Joseph and Mary, Isidore and Maria were married couples. Sts. Peter, Monica, Frances of Rome, Margaret of Scotland, Perpetua and Felicity, Bridget of Sweden, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth of Portugal and Elizabeth Ann Seton were married, as were St. Thomas More, St. Stephen of Hungary, St. Henry and St. Edward the Confessor. The brief biographies in this unique work will encourage husbands and wives everywhere to strive for greater holiness in their marriages and to take pride in their peers who did so before them and are now listed in the roster of the saints.

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