Saturday, May 26, 2007

Serious questions raised about Gardasil

Judicial Watch obtains FDA documentation of adverse reactions to the Gardasil vaccine, including deaths from cardiovascular complications.

The New England Journal of Medicine questions the effectiveness of the vaccine:
See here

The NEJM article is written with physicians in mind and contains great deal of medical jargon. For summaries in layman's terms see articles at the San Francisco Gate (I'm amazed they even covered this), the Seattle Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Several state governments are willing to force young girls to get this vaccine for school attendance, despite these serious questions. Mandating the vaccine at this stage, in light of such information as this, is completely irresponsible, especially for a disease that is not spread by casual classroom contact. Parents and adult women who are interested in the vaccine, and still wish to obtain it voluntarily after assessing the risks, should be allowed to do so, but to force the vaccine on the unsuspecting (and in many cases unwilling) public makes no sense.

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