Monday, May 7, 2007

Legalizing abortion doesn't stop back-alley deaths

California prides itself on being the most pro-choice state in the union. No parental consent laws, no waiting periods, no restrictions of any kind if they can help it.

So why would a 31-year-old San Bernardino woman, living in an age of legalized abortion, with an appointment in only two days for an abortion attempt one at home with the aid of her boyfriend, risking (and ultimately losing) her life in the process?

And don't tell me she was afraid of protesters. Planned Parenthood alone has so many clinics in the LA metro area that the pro-life advocates out there can't possibly cover them all that thoroughly, and the general cultural and political atmosphere of the area is heavily in favor of abortion.


Jeff Miller said...

Of course pro-aborts would just spin this to mean that abortion needs to be provided for free by the government.

Christina said...

Of course they will.

But, the fact that Planned Parenthood gets taxpayer dollars and has already offered free abortions to disaster victims suggests that they don't need to wait for a special government program to offer free or discounted abortions to low-income clients. If they practiced what they preached they would be doing so.

But the fact that they don't suggests that they are more interested in business than their twisted notions of philanthropy.