Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Commentary on the Media feeding frenzy:

Mark Shea's commentary on the MSM's treatment of the presidential race is worth a look:

Here's a small slice:

The visceral, palpable fear and hatred of her was (mark this) instantaneous and took place *before* the Left that is desperately trying to trash her and her family actually knew anything about her. It's a pre-rational thing. Indeed, what drives the search for dirt is the pre-rational decision that she must be destroyed, no matter what the cost. And so we get the astounding spectacle of feminists demanding she abandon career for family and forget shattering the glass ceiling, of the Party of Compassion ritually slaughtering a 17 year old, of the Party of the Little Guy laughing at Jefferson Smith and his hicks up on the woods. Most of all, we see the deep, deep hatred of children that fills up the empty core where the heart of the Democrat party used to be. When the chips are down, Herod behaves as he always has when his shot at power is threatened. And so we get the appalling suggestion that "truly responsible" people would have just had Trig Palin killed for failing to measure up to Master Race specs and Bristol Palin delivered to the tender mercies of an abortuary.

To his great credit, Obama himself has told his rabid self-appointed neo-Puritan Inquisitors, "My mother had me when she was eighteen…" He's a smart enough pol to know that ritually sacrificing a girl to him is not right and will not win votes for him. But the latter-day Jephthahs are about as smart as the original Jephthah. In their worship of Obama, they are prepared to offer him human sacrifices that he himself never commanded. And in so doing, they show forth the ugliest and most inhuman face of the Left (a face rather like that of Dick Cheney in his willingness, nay, eagerness to "go to the dark side").

Read the rest of his post "Duelling Religious Systems" here.

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