Friday, September 5, 2008

Who will take care of Sarah Palin's Baby?

Why, Daddy, of course.

So says the Washington Post, calling him "the GOP's favorite stay-at-home-dad".

While the left is busy criticizing Sarah Palin for having five kids and a career at the same time, and asking who will look after little Trig and his special needs, they seem to be ignoring her husband, not to mention her older children. Those of my readers who come from large families know that very often the oldest children help with the care of the youngest ones.

Not too surprising, I suppose. So many people on the left are so appalled at the sheer size of her family's carbon footprint, they haven't stopped to think of the benefits of having a family that size. And, as to their tendency to overlook her husband, well, we often hear from the Left that fathers are overrated anyway.

You would think the feminists would be praising the Palins for defying traditional gender roles, but instead they are excoriating her, and ignoring him. Strange. 

Editorial Cartoonist Dana Summers at the Orlando Sentinel captures this well:

This blogger considers at-home parenthood to be the ideal. While it is expected that women will take on this role, the most important thing is that somebody do it, if at all possible. If having dad at home works better, that's great.

Kudos to Todd Palin for providing his family with what it needs, including time for his wife to take on corruption and foolishness on both sides of the aisle.

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