Monday, September 1, 2008

Practically tripping over themselves... a rush to paint Governor Palin as a bad mother.

They can't even get their stories straight. On the one hand, she gave a speech after her water broke, against the advice of her doctor. On the other hand, she was never actually pregnant, her daughter was.

The second theory is the most absurd, and is based on pictures of her daughter. Apparently, the only reason for a young girl to have anything but perfectly flat washboard abs must be pregnancy.

I hate to think what this can do to Palin's daughter. In spite of maintaining a healthy weight, I have had a similarly shaped stomach my entire teenaged and adult life. I remember being pretty self-conscious of this as a teenager. Fortunately, nobody cared about my stomach enough to inspect it closely, much less analyze it publicly. As an n adult I have discovered that I have more important things to worry about, in spite of the cultural pressure on women to get that perfect body. I hate to think what emotional effect national scrutiny of her abdomen might have on a teenage girl.

I think Amy's assessment as well as Amanda Carpenter of pretty much say everything that needs to be said.


Update: The AP reports that Trig could not possibly be Sarah Palin's grandchild, as her daughter is already pregnant with a baby of her own.

This blog commends Bristol Palin for not compounding a mistake by turning it into a tragedy, and the Palin family for supporting their daughter through her pregnancy.

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