Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stoning is, like, sooo 2000 years ago.

I suppose to some, it would seem more consistent if we "right wing religious conservatives" publicly destroyed Sarah Palin and her daughter over the issue of teen pregnancy.

In rushing to Sarah Palin's defense, the leaders of the Christian right have made it abundantly clear how they define a Christian. We don't care if you sin. ...It all comes down to your stand on guns and fetuses. Vote the right way, and you have our blessing. If any proof were needed that James Dobson is a political operative rather than a spiritual leader, his jumping on the Palin bandwagon offers it.

I suppose it can be difficult to understand if one does not actually know what forgiveness means. It does not mean accepting the sin. It means accepting genuine repentance. It means loving the sinner, and being ready to take her back when she is sorry for what she has done.

Now, I do not pretend to know the condition of Miss Palin's heart. I do not know if she regrets the act that got her pregnant in the first place. However, the fact that she is doing the right thing with respect to her pregnancy is laudable, as is the support her family is giving her. That is what Dr. Dobson and others including myself find commendable. If God could forgive a repentant prostitute, he can certainly forgive a teenager.

We're just putting our faith into practice, people.

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