Friday, September 5, 2008

Search: PP in Los Angeles

Someone googled "sedation for abortion in los angeles california Planned parenthood".

For the sake of her own safety, this person might be interested in the stories of some of the LA area Planned Parenthood's other patients:
Erica Goode
Holly Patterson
Diana Lopez

She may also be interested in some of the lawsuits against PP that have been filed around the country, including one from a teenage incest victim in Ohio, alleging that PP failed to report her abuser to the authorities as required by law.

She may also be interested in knowing that the Ohio case is not the only instance of a child abuse coverup scandal at PP.

This blog encourages women seeking abortions to learn the truth about fetal development and consider the other choices avaiable to them though local pregnancy help centers and telephone hotlines. Pregnancy Centers and Shelters

For legal help for women harmed by abortion, click here for a list of resources.

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