Monday, April 16, 2007

Cardinals in my garden.

No, not that kind. :) That would be pretty cool, though.

Not the baseball team either.

I mean the ones with feathers. A pair of them seems to have developed a thing for a tall tree in our backyard. If we're lucky, maybe they'll start nesting.

I never actually saw cardinals until I moved to Texas. I have always thought them beautiful, but never had a chance to really get a good look. But lately, I have been seeing them and hearing their songs almost daily. The male cardinal stands out the most, being brightly colored. Occasionally he'll streak through the air from one end of our property to the other.

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Cardinal Virtues


Anonymous said...


We have a feeder just outside our kitchen window, and whenever cardinals visit, it's always a special treat! These birds are glorious -- especially when they show up in winter, they look wonderful with a snowy background. I hear them more often than I see them, since they're very shy. I didn't know they were as far south as Texas, thought they were more to the north (I live near Montreal, Quebec). Anyway, wherever they are, they're wonderful! Good to know they're visiting the Lone Star state as well. Regards,
Patricia Gonzalez
Hudson, Quebec (Hudson is about half-way between Montreal and Ottawa)

Anonymous said...

Hi there....I was just searching for pictures of cardinals...and your blog came up as one of the search results. (I was looking for images and saw this great image on your blog.) The weird thing about this, is that an image of flowers with hands and wedding rings is also on this page, and I just used a similar image on my blog yesterday! Too coincidental for it to be coincidence! And THEN...there is also this great quote from J.R.R. Tolkien on your page as well! Awesome!

Christina said...

Glad you enjoy my blog!

The wedding photo was actually taken at my own wedding. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, those cardinals are VERY shy! We have a bird feeder in our front yard and a big glass window overlooking the bird feeders. My puppy likes to look out the window at his little friends. I just saw a cardinal today, and let me tell you, they are beautiful birds -- but they don't stay very long!!!