Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pushing an agenda through Sacrelige.

A certain "Family planning" institution has begun to distribute an idiotic advertisement featuring guardian angels distributing condoms (naturally to young unmarried couples engaging in meaningless sex). One of them, a flabby, unshaven fellow stuffing chips into his mouth says he "likes to watch". Goody goody.

Naturally, this latest bit of braindead advertising comes from the San Francisco chapter of Planned Parenthood. No surprise that this tripe would come out of the city that gives us the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Pictured at the left), who make their statements by mocking women who have chosen to dedicate their lives to service, prayer, and celibacy.

Frankly, compared to much of the nonsense that comes from that city, this ad could be called fairly mild.

The Planned Parenthood press release says of the ad, "The ad can create a perfect starting place for a parent/teen conversation on responsible sexual decision-making."

Like maybe a conversation about how some people are so invested in their agendas they don't mind slamming someone's religion.

And maybe another conversation about the idiocy of cheapening things that are supposed to be sacred. Like angels. Or sex. (Yes, sex is sacred. I'd say that's a step above mindless "fun," wouldn't you?)

This would probably be followed by a discussion of the slippery slope of artificial birth control, of the proper place of sex and natural family planning within a marriage, and the merits of chastity, including avoidance of those maladies against which condoms do not protect, such as HPV and Herpes. A discussion of how abstinence and marital fidelity are the only "responsible" sexual decisions.

So yes, it is a starting place.

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