Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Tragedy Blog Roundup:

Plenty has already been said. The news outlets are giving us updates every few seconds, even when there is no new information, and more and more bloggers are posting on this. I do not believe I will add anything new to the mix if I post my own thoughts.

Here are a few posts from some of the blogs I follow to give you a picture of what is being said already.

Built on a Rock:
Tears and Sadness.

Catholic Mom:
The Tragedy Hits Close to Home,
Only Prayer Seems to Make Sense

Catholic Pillow Fight:
Virginia Tech Shooting.

Hugh Hewitt:
Comforting the Survivors,
Tragedy at Virginia Tech,
Words Fail Me.

PhatCatholic Apologetics:
What shall separate us from the love of God?

Curt Jester:
Go to Church.

The Heart of Things:
For the Souls Lost Today.
Hero. (A must read, this one)

Kitchen Madonna:
For the moms... What is there to say?
Culture of Life Bubble during the Virginia Massacre.

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