Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Tolerance looks like.

This story is about a woman who was subjected to a campaign of public defamation and received rape and death threats in the mail after exercising her right to free speech on her college campus. The threats came from those who say they promote "tolerance" and were directed at her because she is conservative and a Christian. The school administration, which is no friend to conservative students anyway, is dragging its feet in its "investigation" of the harassment she is getting.

This woman goes to Georgia Tech, but this could have happened anywhere. Every secular college campus, and even some of the religious ones are like this.

Read the story here.

One note, responding to her opposition of the Vagina Monologues said,

This Valentine’ Day, you cannot protest the Vagina Monologues. It is about love and you are about hate.

No, this Valentine’s Day, you will be Raped. Sex is about love and through it you will experience hate. I cannot wait.

The irony here is that she gets threatened with sexual violence by people who promote things like the Vagina Monologues to (they say) prevent rape by raising awareness. The same people who talk all the time about women being intimidated into silence by violent threats. The same people who protest the war in Iraq threaten this young woman with death. I guess they don't think conservative women deserve protection.

Via Annie.

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